Affordable Corrugated Box Manufacturers in India


Corrugated boxes are widely used in the packaging sector due to their durability, adaptability, and cost-effectiveness. Whether you are a small business owner, a huge organization, or an individual looking for packaging solutions, finding affordable corrugated box makers in India is critical. This post looks at some of India's leading manufacturers, their offerings, and how to choose the correct source.

Why Choose Corrugated Boxes?

Durability and Protection

Corrugated boxes are well-known for their robustness and capacity to keep contents safe during travel. The corrugated material provides padding, lowering the likelihood of harm to fragile things.


These boxes are adaptable and can be used for a variety of things, including electronics and food items. They come in a variety of sizes and can be customized to match individual needs.


Corrugated boxes are less expensive than other packaging choices. Their low cost makes them an excellent solution for firms seeking to reduce packing costs without sacrificing quality.

Top Affordable Corrugated Box Manufacturers in India

1. Avon Containers Private Limited

Avon Containers Private Limited is one of India’s leading corrugated box manufacturers in India, known for their high-quality products and affordable prices. They offer various corrugated packaging solutions, including custom designs to meet specific client needs.

  • Products: Regular slotted containers, die-cut boxes, and custom-designed corrugated boxes.
  • Specialty: Customization options and bulk order discounts.
  • Location: 48 KM Miles Stone, Delhi-Mathura Road, Prithla, Sector 10, Palwal , Haryana, India, Pin:121102

2. Avon Packaging 

Avon Packaging has established itself as a reliable manufacturer of corrugated boxes in India. They provide a variety of packaging solutions catering to different industries, ensuring high standards of quality and affordability.

  • Products: Corrugated boxes, cartons, and packaging materials.
  • Specialty: Cost-effective solutions with timely delivery.
  • Location: 48 KM Miles Stone, Delhi-Mathura Road, Prithla, Sector 10, Palwal , Haryana, India, Pin:121102

3. Oji India Packaging

Oji India Packaging is part of the Oji Group, a global leader in packaging solutions. Their Indian subsidiary offers a range of corrugated boxes known for their durability and competitive pricing.

  • Products: Corrugated cartons, die-cut boxes, and customized packaging solutions.
  • Specialty: Advanced manufacturing techniques and sustainable packaging options.
  • Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

4. is a prominent manufacturer of corrugated boxes in India, offering quality packaging solutions at affordable rates. Their extensive product range caters to various industrial and commercial requirements.

  • Products: Corrugated boxes, cardboard sheets, and packaging accessories.
  • Specialty: High-quality materials and efficient production processes.
  • Location: 48 KM Miles Stone, Delhi-Mathura Road, Prithla, Sector 10, Palwal , Haryana, India, Pin:121102

Tips for Choosing the Right Corrugated Box Manufacturer

Assess Quality Standards

Quality is essential when it comes to packaging materials. Ensure that the manufacturer's corrugated boxes meet high quality standards and are made of sturdy materials.

Consider Customization Options

If your packaging requirements are specific, seek for vendors who have customization possibilities. This includes bespoke sizes, printing, and distinctive box designs that are consistent with your brand identity.

Check Delivery and Lead Times

Timely delivery is critical for maintaining your supply chain. Choose manufacturers who are known for fulfilling deadlines and offering dependable shipping alternatives.

Compare Prices

While affordability is vital, it is also necessary to strike a balance between cost and quality. Compare prices from numerous manufacturers and take advantage of bulk order discounts to find the best deal.

Read Customer Reviews

Customer feedback and comments can provide significant information about the manufacturer's dependability, product quality, and customer service. Seek favorable comments and long-term consumer relationships.


Finding affordable corrugated box manufacturers in Faridabad can significantly enhance your packaging strategy while keeping costs low. By choosing the right supplier, you ensure that your products are well-protected and presented professionally. Whether you opt for Avon Container Private Limited, AvonPackaging, Oji India Packaging, or, each manufacturer offers quality, affordability, and reliability. Consider the tips provided to make an informed decision and secure the best-corrugated boxes for your needs.

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