Emergency carpet cleaning professionals share few basic tips for you!


A carpet invariably adds texture, colour and warmth to any space – whether a home or an office. But when the décor item is used on a regular basis it is likely to trap dust, dirt, grit and allergens along with picking up stains. The basic measure to cleaning carpets is regular vacuuming but along with that a deep cleaning once a year is also important to extend its life. Moreover the annual deep clean of carpets also makes any indoors look clean and tidy.

How to clean carpets properly – more than posing it as a question it is important to understand the aspect. There are varieties of machines readily available that are solely designed and meant to wash carpets. It is important for you to know exactly which type of machine do you need for your type of carpet. The ‘type’ of carpet that you have is the utmost crucial factor here based on which you have to take the right decision. Many people require an upright carpet cleaner whereas others usually prefer a steam cleaning machine.

The next hurdle that comes your way is deciding whether buy the specific machine or to rent it. This confusion is settled on basis of your specific requirement of the machine. If your requirement is high and you wash your carpets frequently then obviously it is better to purchase the equipment outright. On the other hand if you plan to clean carpets seldom then it is more cost effective to rent it.

Vacuum your carpets thoroughly every day

You should vacuum clean your carpets every day and this forms the basic care tips for any rug or carpet. However before vacuuming a little preparation is necessary – remove every piece of furniture, cords and any other obstruction that might come in the way. Vacuum cleaning is not only the basic of carpet care and maintenance but it is also one of the best ways to keep a carpet clean on regular basis. Vacuuming every day prevents dirt, dust, grits and grime from getting into the bottom depths of the fibres of a carpet and it also slows down the pace of wearing out of carpets. if you have children or pets in your household then you must vacuum your carpets religiously every day. Different types of vacuum attachments are available which you should make use of to clean the edges of your carpet better. These attachments also help cleaning around any huge furniture that is not possible to move around on a daily basis.

  • You should always make sure to vacuum in two directions that are perpendicular to each other to secure the best results.
  • Embedded dirt is best lifted from the depths of the fibres of a carpet when you use a vacuum cleaner with rotating bristle, suggest professionals who keep busy providing emergency carpet cleaning service in London round the year.

Selecting the right floor cleaning solution is important

It has already been mentioned above different varieties of carpet cleaning products are readily available in the market. Before using any particular product it is your responsibility to carefully read the label along with the guidelines provided by the manufacturer. This information tell you a lot about how you should clean a carpet using a specific cleaning machine along with helping you ascertain you have invested in the right cleanser for your carpet.

Before using any cleansing product on carpet it is important to conduct a patch test; apply a little of the cleanser to an obscure inconspicuous area of a carpet and wait for about 10 to 15 minutes. If there is no bleeding or fading of colour of the fabric in that area then you know the product is safe to use on your carpet.

High traffic areas of a carpet and stains need to be pre-treated

First spray the cleanser on the stain as per the instructions of the manufacturer and then blot using a fresh clean piece of white cotton towel. As far as stubborn stains are concerned gently rub with a soft scrub brush before blotting with a clean piece of white cotton towel. Thoroughly trained and skilled professionals who provide the service of urgent carpet cleaning London suggest you have to keep repeating this till the stain completely vanishes away. In fact stains that are exceptionally tough to remove require multiple treatments.

Steam cleaning requires selection of the right cleaner

It is always a good idea to buy or rent a steam carpet cleaner and this range of equipments comes in a variety of options. Before you start operating the device you must read the users’ manual carefully. The combination of hot water and a small quantity of the right type of cleaner does wonders and this is why a steam carpet cleaner is so crucial. The machine is designed in such a way that it pushes out water while you move it forward and as you move it back it pulls back the dispensed water. So it is important to make sure to let the machine pull back as much water as possible to get rid moulds and mildew which usually reside in the depths of the carpet fibres.  

After a thorough steam cleaning it is important to let the carpet become completely dry. Once it is completely dried vacuum the carpet once more to make sure it is completely free from dusts and now you can press it back to service.

At VIP Carpet Cleaning London the professionals who provide the service opine that carpet stains need especial treatments. To deal with food stains spot removers are reliable whereas deodorisers are suitable to clear away nasty odours that result from pet wastes, mildew, smoke and food.

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