What Is The Significance Of Dental Examination?

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As a crucial part of daily care, dental examination is something you should not miss at all! You should visit a dental hygienist for professional cleaning along with the exam. Regular dental exam and check up is important to keep up with the health of your teeth and gums that will impact on your overall wellbeing.

Read this blog if you are curious to know what the importance of regular check up and exam is.

Regular Oral Exam

During every dental visit, the hygienist will go through the medical history and find out if anything in the past needs an upgrade! In case you are taking any mew medication, the information needs to be shared with the dentist. Even share the information of latest health condition you develop after the last trip to dentist.

The dentist will carry out visual dental exam after discussion on the condition you developed! It includes visual observation of teeth, gums and surrounding soft tissues to discover any abnormal change. They will make use of explorer, a dental instrument accompanying in investigating every tooth.

With the help of this tool, they can detect the point of concerns for every tooth. Accordingly, they start offering the treatment to mitigate the problem in the initial stage. An extensive check is also there for detecting stain, decay, gum recession and problems with crowns or fillings at the same time.

Diagnose the Common Oral Problems

Dentist makes use of different methods for diagnosing the oral problems you are experiencing. Such common methods are:

  • Visual oral exam
  • Dental X-rays
  • Intra-oral pictures
  • Oral cancer screenings
  • Discussions on any unusual change you notice in the mouth including gums and teeth

How Dental X-Rays Come to Help

Dental X-rays are quite common to find out any oral problems. This teeth examination captures the relevant images enabling the dentist to diagnose the emerging issues in the initial stage. By this way, they can address the problems with early intervention and effective treatment to stop further degrading of oral health.

Consult with The Dentist About Your Concerns

During the dental visit, you can assist the dentist in finding out the potential conditions by sharing any concerns you are experiencing since the last trip. Exhibiting some symptoms alone cannot always incorporate the dentist to diagnose any underlying conditions. Every concern of yours regarding dental health is important to discuss with the dentist.  You can ask about new patient dental exam in case you are going to the dentist for the very first time.  

Cancer Screening Exam

Generally, every dentist will suggest oral cancer screening to the patients. It includes visual exam for checking the soft tissues and discover any point of concerns. They will look for noticeable changes like discolouration, lumps and lesions. A basic oral exam cannot give verdict if the tissues are cancerous and it enables the dentist to carry out further investigation such as biopsy.

You may need to undergo special cancer screening too that involves injecting dye to the tissues and using special light for detection of unhealthy spots, which remain unnoticed by the simple oral exam.   

Who Need To Go For Regular Oral Cancer Screening?

Specialised cancer screening is essential at a regular basis for the people with certain factors that heighten the risk of oral cancer:

  • Medical history of oral cancer
  • Consumption of alcohol
  • Use of tobacco in any form like dip, cigars, chewing tobacco, pipes and cigarettes

Ask the dentist whether they consider you suitable for regular and special oral cancer screenings.

Do Insurance Plans Give Coverage of Oral or Dental Exams?

Basically, dental insurance covers routine oral and dental maintenance including regular oral exams. It may not cover the expense of oral cancer screening. Hence, before undergoing any test, exam and screening you should speak to the provider about the coverage. You can ask for detailed list of the plan covers too for reference.


Regular dental and oral health check up is inevitable for everyone! But, one must visit the reputed clinic where quality exam using state-of-the-art facility and latest technology can be expected. During the consultation, you must discuss about dentist check up cost in London and check with the insurance provider if coverage is available or not!

There are a number of clinics offering highest standard of services at competitive costs. You should bet on them rather than extremely expensive ones or the ones with terribly low costs as Thousand Smiles London.

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